To The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors 4/26/20

With the date of the County’s Shelter in Place Order set to expire May 3; and the Federal Government having recently recommended “phased” guidelines for reopening the economy; and the total number of cases of COVID-19 in SC County at only 115 (with no new cases yesterday); I am requesting you allow Seascape Sports Club to open May 4.

Over the past month, we have been preparing to open May 4 by not only deep cleaning and sanitizing every corner of the Club but also by establishing strict protocols for both our staff and our members to help maintain a high level of sanitation and social distancing throughout the day once we reopen. Because of the type of members we have and the different exercise options we offer, we feel we are particularly well positioned to reopen now.

Our Junior Olympic Lap Pool has five oversized lanes that are almost always used by only one member per lane at a time. The CDC has stated there is no evidence COVID-19 can be spread through the use of a properly maintained pool and hot tub. Our Lap Pool and Hot Tub are maintained by an automatic chemistry system that is manually monitored throughout the day.

Our 11 Tennis Courts are individually fenced and because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, our members can easily enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers so long as they practice social distancing and adhere to Federal Sanitation Guidelines regarding the use of tennis balls and court benches. We are also installing portable hand washing stations near our tennis courts to compliment the over 20 sanitation stations already located throughout the Club.

Our two Fitness Centers are located apart at different ends of the property and on different levels; and we have removed several pieces of equipment to provide even better spacing than we already have to allow for proper social distancing. Regular sanitation in our Fitness Centers has been practiced by our members and staff long before COVID-19 and these practices will be strictly enforced once we reopen.

Federal Guidelines have designated “gyms” as a Phase One business; which makes perfect sense considering exercise is an essential ingredient for strengthening one’s immune system to help protect against the dangers of COVID-19. Seascape Sports Club has a locked gate, and we will employ properly trained staff to monitor our gate to help ensure each member maintains proper social distancing and sanitation protocols while at the Club.

Your willingness to allow Seascape Sports Club to reopen May 4 will be greatly appreciated by our over 2000 members and our over 40 staff members. Not a day goes by that several of our members (and our staff ) ask when we will reopen. It is clear they enjoy the Club and want to return as soon as possible. And I am certain they will follow the rules and protocols you may require to allow us to reopen. We appreciate your consideration.

Paul Kepler, Owner Seascape Sports Club