Seascape Sports Club Update 3




We apologize for the delay in sending you a status update on the Club. This has been a challenging time for us as we absorb the impact of the Shelter in Place Order placed on us by the County and the impact of the CARES Act passed by Congress on Friday.

We have kept several of our full-time staff employed during this time and we will be employing several of our group exercise instructors starting tomorrow (see below). We intend to bring our entire staff back, full-time and part-time, once the Shelter in Place Order has been fully lifted.

We are reviewing the language in the CARES Act to ensure our staff takes full advantage of the benefits to which they are entitled. The Club is also working on a plan to supplement those benefits for each of our staff who may need additional help. 

We have been busy. Not only have we been deep cleaning and sanitizing the entire Club and establishing procedures to maintain this level of cleanliness and sanitation; but also, we have been working to enhance your experience when we reopen. Here’s a partial list of what we have accomplished so far:

  • Cleaned, sanitized and upgraded both locker rooms. Faulty locks have been replaced, individual lockers have been cleaned, locker doors have been replaced, the women’s locker room has been painted, and the men’s sauna heater has been replaced. 
  • Installed a Security System with multiple cameras placed throughout the Club. This System is designed to record suspicious activity 24 hours per day to enhance Member safety.
  • Completed a new Pilates Studio with soft wood floors designed for private and group lessons (discounted for Members) utilizing state-of-the-art Balance Body Reformers.
  • Purchased 2 Peloton Bikes to be installed upstairs in the Fitness Center which will be made available for Members throughout the day. 
  • Restocked our 20+ sanitizing stations and added additional stations as appropriate. Our intention is to ensure sanitation is easily accessible to every Member throughout the day.
  • Ordered a portable washing station to be located next to Court 3 that includes soap, water and hand towels to supplement individual sanitizing for tennis players in that area of the Club.
  • Delivered new benches for all tennis courts to ensure social distancing is being practiced:



(Just Kidding!)

  • Upgraded our pool equipment to help ensure we maintain our lap pool/hot tub/junior pool chemistry to CDC standards. There is no evidence COVID-19 can be spread through the use of properly maintained pools and hot tubs. 

We are happy you have chosen to make Seascape Sports Club a place where you can maintain your health, strengthen your immune system and connect with our community; and we want you to know your health and safety is our number one priority. To that end, we will be initiating several new programs starting tomorrow:

  • Online Group Exercise ClassesDenise Russo, our Group Exercise Director, along with Kylie DesChesnes, our Childcare Manager, have set up an online schedule, featuring 35 classes, that can be live-streamed through the Club’s Facebook Page. Here is a link to the Schedule



We encourage your feedback and hope those of you who have been participating in our in-person Group Exercise Program will be able to reconnect with several of your favorite instructors and that ALL Members will have the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at home. Invite your friends. The classes are FREE. 

  • In House Tennis and Pickleball Leagues Phil Mindigo, our Tennis and Pickleball Professional, has been designing In-House Tennis and Pickleball Leagues that can be played exclusively at the Club. We have purchased the software, established the format and, beginning soon, Phil will be contacting our Tennis and Pickleball Members to sign up. We plan to begin play May 1. 

Many Tennis Members have expressed concern about their future participation in USTA Leagues with the added fees the USTA intends to charge participants. The Club plans to return, to its Members who pay the added fee, that portion of the additional USTA fee that is paid to the Club. The Club wants to remain the leader in Monterey Bay in # of USTA League Teams and # of Players. 

When the Club reopens, we also intend to offer FREE Beginning Tennis and Pickleball lessons to those Members who wish to expand both their fitness options as well as their personal connections within the SSC Community.

  • Lap Swimming — we have made a proposal to our County Supervisor, Zach Friend. Our proposal is to allow our Members to use the Lap Pool so long as they adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. We offered to place a staff member at the entrance to the Lap Pool to enforce those guidelines.

So far we have received no formal response from the County. If you share our concern and would like the County to reopen our Lap Pool to Members please send an email to

This week we will be sending out our monthly statements. A few of you have requested we de-activate your membership. Your request will be honored and you will only be charged one-third of your applicable dues while your membership remains inactive. You will not forfeit your enrollment fee while the Club remains closed. If you are an active Member and wish to temporarily de-activate your membership beginning April 1 until the Club reopens (partially or fully), please make your request in writing on your statement and return your statement along with one-third of your monthly dues payment to the Club. Members with automatic payments may notify us by email and we will make the appropriate adjustment to your monthly payment.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time and for supporting our efforts to maintain the quality of your Club and our Staff in anticipation of reopening SOON!